Tech Support For Penn Valley Staff, Teachers, and Distance Learning Students

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Welcome to Technology Support - Ready Springs, Vantage Point Charter School, Hilltop Academy, and Williams Ranch.
History of Technology

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IT Tech - Marshall Motley

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The staff technology (IT Tech) support technician is Marshall Motley, extension 2232. He has been doing tech support and related IT jobs since 1994. He holds a Masters degree in Library Science and a Bachelors of Science degree in Geology. Due to the Coronavirus quarantine he is rarely in his office so instead of a phone call, please contact him by email for assistance. Include your name, student name, the issue you are experiencing, and equipment if relevant. Office Hours: online via email 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM M-F (closed during weekends and spring break). He supports teachers staff and student tech support requests for Ready Springs, Hilltop Academy, Vantage Point Charter school, and Williams Ranch Elementary Schools (the whole Penn Valley Union School District). 
RefreshPlease try the basic tech support checklist first. Even though it sounds like a comedy cliche, restarting the computer or refreshing the screen (F5 on a PC or circle-arrow above #4 on a Chromebook) often fixes the problem. Troubleshooting IT Help List (pdf).
If you are a teacher having problems with your Document Camera, here's the instructions to fix it: Fixing the Document Camera.Yellow Document Camera
If your web meeting is slow or jerky of your voice or other voices stutter, read this document to troubleshoot.
The school websites are also managed here for Ready Springs, Vantage Point, and Williams Ranch schools. Announcement requests must be approved by the relevant school principal. Please bring or email (as a .PDF) such materials to the secretary. 
Technology At Ready Springs and Hilltop Academy

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One Chromebook per student

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The school provides every student a Google student account, managed by our technology support specialists, and a Chromebook or other computer in the classrooms. These stay at the school.Students from Grade 2 and up will use a Chromebook for most of their assignments, kept in the classroom.
The Google accounts allow the student to login to any Chromebook and access their own work. They can also login to this account from a home computer and do homework there. Used and refurbished computers are down to around $200, and tablets are down to $35, so equipment is amazingly affordable today. 
Tech Support Guides

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It is important that students adhere to the Chromebook Use Agreement. Parents are responsible for the content their child visits on school equipment. Use is being logged by Google, Netsupport, and Bark For Schools. Notifications are sent out to principals and our school counselor immediately after they occur. Students who violate the agreement will find their access restricted or removed entirely, by determination of the school administrator/principal. Having access restricted will impact the student's ability to do their work at school and is a disciplinary issue. The technicians do not make these determinations, only pass on the violation reports to the teacher or principal.