Our school library here at Ready Springs is managed by Inger McCormack. Please ask her for help in selecting a book appropriate for your reading. 
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As we're all at home using distance learning, be aware that computers can access downloadable books through the County Library. You can read them on your computer or tablet, or even download an audiobook and listen to it read by a professional voice actor. Links to libraries are here on this web page to the right, and chromebooks also have a list of library resources under the pvuesd.org bookmarks link on the bookmarks bar in the upper left of your chrome browser or while logged into your Google account under your student username and password. Libby and Hoopla use your Nevada County Library card, so if you don't have one, please contact the library for assistance. We also have discovered Epic books free children's library. Contact your teacher for assistance.  
Nevada County Library
All county residents have the right to a county library card. Parents: please visit your local Nevada County Library branch with a utility bill to prove residency and get cards for yourself and children.
The county library has sections for children, young adults, adults and computer labs with free wifi (so you can connect with your own laptop or cellphone or tablet).
The nearest branch is outside Lake Wildwood's entrance, next to Holiday Market. There are also branches in Grass Valley and Nevada City and down at the high school at Bear River.
Card holders and use their website to search for and put a hold on a book. You can also download some books to read on a tablet, cellphone, or PC. The two applications which allow this are called Libby and Hoopla. Contact the Nevada County Library staff if you wish assistance with this. 
Helling Library Nevada CityNevada County Library offers books, ebooks, music, audiobooks, and other digital services to county residents with a library card. 
Online Public Access Catalog
OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) allows for books by mail, also known as Interlibrary Loan or ILL. This is temporarily shut down for the duration of this viral emergency since books could conceivably carry the virus under the wrong conditions.